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InMotion Hosting Review by real users

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InMotion Web hosting company is one of the best hosting providers in the world, or is it?

The best way to see if a product is good for you is to see what other people think about it. By other people, I mean those who have purchased it before.

This is why I went through many inmotion hosting review by real users to  find out the truth.

Now, this a shared hosting review of InMotion. They call Shared hosting as Business class hosting, a smart move to attract new web hosting clients. Many say that they have an award-winning technology as well as a technical staff, well is it true, let’s find out?

What do bloggers say about InMotion Business class web hosting?

I have read about 20-25 articles on the best web hosting services, InMotion makes it in the top five list of every web hosting comparison, 3 out of 5 times. They are always there in the top 10 list on every post I read. Shared Hosting is the most popular hosting solution. Today there are millions of website running on the shared hosting technology. It is the cheapest and most easy web hosting platform.

So what makes InMotion so great, or is it just heavy marketing. Well, to start of inMotion Business class web hosting offers a plethora of features that other just don’t provide. They give you $300 worth of freebies. Google Adwords credit, Yahoo advertisement credit, Twitter advertisement, Bing and more. All that just for advertisement of your newly started blog or website.

Inmotion hosting review by real users

Most of the reviews were positive, the users were pleased by the speeds and uptime of this hosting service and many of them purchased more than one hosting service.

This shows that most of the users are happy with the service. The users liked their customer service which is human powered which means that you will be set up with a real human instead of a bot if you have any problems with the hosting service.

The hosting performance of Inmotion hosting is stellar as they have 99% uptime guarantee and they live up to it. The customers faced next to nothing downtime problems compared to other hosting providers which also guarantee¬† 99% uptime but don’t implement it seriously.

The Cons of InMotion Hosting according to the user reviews are:-

  1. i) Price Point: If you get a hosting provider which does what it says, you should not be too money sensitive. But paying the right price for the services is equally important nowadays. Many of the customers were not happy with their pricing structure as it’s price point is a bit higher than other shared hosting providers in the market.
  2. ii) Pricing Structure: The users think that the pricing structure is a bit unfair as you have to sign up for a whole year. This can be concerning for new website owners who are just trying out the service. If you want monthly plans, you should check out Hostgator.
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