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What are the best enzymes?

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No element, mineral, or vitamin or hormone can perform any function in the body without the action of enzymes, which is why they are so important in the overall health and well-being of the body and are very involved in aging , that is why in all anti-aging therapy must be taken into account the supplement of them. We have more than 100 different best enzymes in the body, of them; approximately 22 are best enzymes for digestion.

There are three main types of enzymes:

  • Metabolic, are involved in the metabolic reactions of the body. They are responsible for the repair of each cell, restructuring and remodeling each cell, essential to maintaining good health.
  • Digestive, are those that help in the digestion of food, are proteases (digest proteins), amylases (carbohydrates) and Lipases (fats).
  • Foods are those that are in raw foods and help with food digestion.

Why do we sometimes need to take supplements with digestive enzymes?

Our bodies naturally produce these best enzymes and these act in all metabolic processes. Although, the currently genetics of the best enzymes effects on diet and environmental factors influence daily digestion. Not always a healthy diet translates into good nutrition for the body. Enzymes, specifically best enzymes, help assimilate the nutrients in food and increase the speed of it. It also helps to reduce reactions, allergies, and food sensitivities, stimulating immunological capacity and the elimination of toxins.

Food digestion is a priority in the organism, a large number of best enzymes are necessary for it, thus, an enzymatic deficiency can lead to a deterioration of health, for example, an enzymatic insufficiency can lead to an overwork of the organs and even in some cases, you can develop the size of the organs, which is not a healthy condition like the heart or the pancreas are too large. When we do not have enough enzymes, the digestion is heavier and supposes a great energy waste by the organism. This deficiency also results in a problem of belly swelling.

How do we relate ENZYMES and anti-aging treatment?

“Oxidative stress” is involved in the formation of free radicals, which cause significant cell damage in cellular DNA and cell membranes. The cells will function poorly or may even die if this happen, causing premature aging. Modifying a part of this lifestyle can help reduce this stress on the body and cells. There are products with best enzymes that can help to avoid this oxidative stress. It is very important to ensure proper digestion to take advantage of the action of nutrients and help maintain health and vitality, it is also important to maintain proper circulation, this correct blood circulation ensures adequate transport of nutrients, hormones, white blood cells, etc.

With age, enzymatic levels decrease.

This can affect digestion and metabolism in general. Therefore, the main recommendation is to always take raw foods because they preserve enzymatic capacity much better, also steamed little-cooked vegetables.

One of the basic idea of aging is, in general, the loss of effectiveness of the body in the different metabolic aspects, by decreasing the enzymatic level with age, causes stress to the body by forcing it to work with more effort, that is why It is recommended to supplement with enough enzymes for digestion and metabolism, this deficiency of best enzymes can cause the body does not have sufficient resources to defend against diseases and the aging process or avoid the storage of fats. It also increases the frequency of nausea, premature aging and increased storage of fats by the body, also influences the decrease in hormonal production, inhibits cell repair and can cause chronic digestive problems.

Facing the loss of weight

Protease best enzymes are essential in weight loss and maintain body health. The function of protease enzymes is to break down proteins and eliminate toxins. The elimination of toxins is crucial for all those who are doing regimen to lose weight, because the body (by increasing the combustion of fats) stores excess toxins since the metabolism burns more calories and if they are not removed they return from new to our body, this can cause fluid retention, flatulence. Protease enzymes attack and help eliminate toxins, it is highly recommended during the fat loss to take an extra protease.

About the immune system

Digestive enzymes help the body in its daily functions to keep the immune system healthy and active. By stimulating the immune system the secretion of substances increases, with “natural-antibiotic” activity such as lactic acid, acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide or others. So enzymes are essential in maintaining the body’s defenses and the immune system of all attacks and dangers to our health.

On the skin, hair, and nails

Digestive enzymes can improve the health of the skin, hair, and nails, increasing blood flow in the skin and body, better digestion stimulates blood circulation and helps carry nutrients to the skin and also helps to eliminate toxins that can cause the skin to look aged, dull and wrinkled. When the body does not have enough favorable intestinal flora, the body accumulates indigestible toxins and are eliminated by the skin in the end which does not give the appearance of healthy skin.

The enzymes of food

Best enzymes that provide raw foods help themselves to begin the process of digestion, they help to break the structures of food that is why it is so important to chew and swallow something digested, so the digestion is less heavy and faster, it is easier to digest food into small pieces. Facilitating the absorption by the bloodstream of the nutrients provided by food! As I have already mentioned, raw foods are rich in enzymes, the richest are seeds, grains, and legumes.

Enzymes are destroyed by cooking these foods at about 45 ° C, having fewer amounts of enzymes, increases the amount of energy needed by our body to digest these cooked foods, also increases the time of digestion and absorption of nutrients, which causes a greater effort for the pancreas. When we do not eat enough enzymes from food, the pancreas has to convert the metabolic enzymes into digestive ones, which causes an overexertion of this organ and decreases the number of metabolic enzymes necessary for other processes. The digestion of cooked or fried foods needs much more energy than the digestion of raw foods; in general, raw foods take half of cooking. This is one of the reasons why most dieticians recommend taking 5 to 8 pieces of fresh fruits and vegetables a day, which increases the contribution of these enzymes, which helps:

  • Avoid heart diseases
  • Control blood sugar levels
  • Relieve arthritis symptoms
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