Why do you need football cleats?

Every player needs to have football cleats regardless of which position he is in, to ensure optimal performance. The cleats are known to help the player to get more traction while at the ground and this will increase the power, agility and speed. There are three options of cleats, there are low cut, mid-cut and high-top. It is good to learn about the differences of these cleats and decide on what style you need.

High top is the cleats that extend over the ankle and they have the laces that keep them tight and they can support the added pressure at the ankles especially with the lateral movements. The high top cleat may help in minimizing the injuries like twisted and sprained ankles.  The cleats are good to the linemen who require having extra support on their ankles.

Mid-cut, they are cleats which offer the players the right ankle support but they allow the movement for maneuverability and agility. The cleats are most popular in the skill players like defensive backs, wide receivers, running backs and quarterbacks. Low cut cleats offer no support to the ankles. The cleats are known to be lightweight and they provide more flexibility with freedom within the ankles.  The skill players may go for this type of cleats because they are lighter and they are easy to maneuver. Younger players should not be allowed to use them because they do not offer any ankle support.

When you read the EliteGearReviews 2016, you will find that the cleats have the same size as the normal shoes. The player who uses a sneaker of 11 sizes will use also a cleat of 11 sizes. However, as it is the case with other brands, the cleats may be smaller or larger; using the sizing chart on the shoes may help in ensuring the best fit.

The cleats may be made in the synthetic or leather materials. The synthetic cleats are cheaper and they are popular in young children who still have their feet growing and their cleats have to be replaced often.  The cleats made in leather, they are durable and they breathe well and most of the time, they are also comfortable. The cleats are flexible and they let the players to do natural movement. Some leather cleats may have some synthetic materials on some parts of the cleat to offer reinforcement.  The fully synthetic cleats may not be that durable like the leather cleats.  They are not able to breathe well also. The cleats in synthetic materials are not that expensive and they are good for casual players who do not need them on daily basis.

While looking for the cleats, you have to make sure that the measurements are accurate.  You can get more information about these cleats from EliteGearReviews 2016. To get the right product, you should read the description and the measurement of the cleats and do not rely on the size only.  You can find the cleats in the football equipment category in the football portal online. You can also buy direct online if you are aware of the brand and the size you want.

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